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Pack of Tools Includes

  • 1 x Installation tool (can be altered for 150/350 or 650 Installations)
  • 1 x Industrial Removal tool including sheared post attachment 
  • 1 x Foot Tool

Tools can be purchased separately

Award Winning

(Dept. of Occupational Health and Safety Worksafe Award) Ergonomically designed tools enable all work to be conducted from a standing position facing on-coming traffic, greatly improving efficiency and workplace safety 


Installation tool is used when items are not ready to install; in windy conditions; or when you do not have time to wait for concrete to cure. It is used to position ground socket and check alignment, and ensure socket is not distorted when compacting concrete.

Industrial Removal Tool

Items are only removable using the ergonomically designed industrial removal tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. It has a sheared post attachment for removing sheared off posts.

Foot Removal tool

Flattened (or modified) items are removable using the simple foot tool


No tool required

Items can be installed so that they are removable without the use of a tool (Taper is positioned higher to sufficiently reduce locking capacity)