Sustainable foundations 60 mm (50NB)

Finally, a means of securing infrastructure that is impact resistant & keeps working year after year!


Improve resilience
The world’s first sustainable foundations ensure your developments remain in pristine condition and Items remain safe and secure year after year. Lifetime warranty. No on-going damage, or waste

Reduce costs

Substantially reduce installation costs and the ONLY cost for maintenance and upgrades, is labour. Every job is on-time and on-budget.

Improve efficiency
Damaged items are quickly replaced without need for digging or heavy labour (substantially improving workplace safety) No disturbance to underground services or public.

Each year these developments grow more efficient as the money usually spent on maintenance can be used for further improvements


 “So simple, it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before!”
The Sunday Times


It's like lifetime insurance for your infrastructure

"Our selection is not based on price alone…We also considered the safety & saving aspects." MRWA



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