Sustainable foundations 60 mm (50 NB)

Make concrete foundations re-usable impact after impact

Concrete can last 100 years. Smart Sustainable Foundations create a self-healing protective shield between the item of road-side infrastructure and the valuable foundations, protecting the foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development and making items removable for events, maintenance and upgrades.

Secure any post, grab-rail, bollard or item of street furniture on Smart Sustainable Foundations, creating virtually maintenance-free developments. Items can be easily removed from a standing position (facing on-coming traffic) using ergonomic tools provided, so response to infrastructure failures becomes fast and efficient. 

 * Zero on-going damage or waste   * Zero on-going costs     *  MRWA Approved    *  DOH&S Worksafe Award    * QTY DISCOUNTS FROM $25.00   




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