Smart Impact Recovery Bollards

Make the bollard and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact

Every wondered why bollards aren't designed to be impact resistant? We suspect it is so you must return to buy new concrete, paving and bollards

We have developed the world's first low cost means of securing every-day bollards (90 - 200 mm diameter) that makes the bollard re-usable impact after impact, year after year (no springs) preserving the surrounding foundations and substantially improving the effectiveness of maintenance practices (keeping your development clean and safe year after year) and potentially saving millions over the  lifespan of a development

NB: A bollard replaced just once a year will cost around $100,000.00 over the life of a development. For developments with hundreds of bollards the costs run into millions.




the problem with bollards...


Traditional in-ground bollards when impacted, if the bollard is strong enough to withstand the force without bending, the impact force is directed to the foundation which will be dislodged. They are also very costly to install as they require a massive concrete foundation causing havoc with underground services.





Traditional Surface mounted bollards when impacted, the impact force is directed first to the base plate which bends, or the bollard breaks away from the base at the weld,  the anchors rip from the ground or the bollard bends and needs replacing. There is no good outcome.



We have a simple low cost solution that you will just love!

That makes both the the bollard and the foundations re-usable impact after impact, year after year. You can secure almost any bollard on a less intensive foundation using this system and forget costly maintenance for the entire lifespan of the development. Used by all major councils in WA.


Protect foundations

Surrounding foundations remain protected from damage impact after impact, year after year. Bollards are easily removable & replaceable

Protect bollards

Bollards protected by shock absorption system that enables bollards to absorb impact from a vehicle and slowly self-recover

Re-use bollards

If badly impacted, the same bollard and Smart Impact Recovery components are removed and re-used impact after impact, year after year


Reduce cost of install

Sockets can be installed when laying foundations or can be surface mounted and bollards are installed in seconds

Reduce maintenance

Both the the bollard and foundations are protected from damage and   replacements take seconds

Keep saving for decades

Foundations and bollards become re-usable impact after impact, year after year



Large range of options to suit almost any requirements

 For securing every-day steel, stainless steel or plastic bollards (90 - 200 mm diameter) 

Surface mount or in-ground

You can choose to surface mount your bollard or install in-ground we have sustainable options for both


Rigid or self-recovering

You can determine if the bollard is rigid or deflects and self-recovers from vehicle impact (low impact version available)


Stop a vehicle in its tracks

We use a solid steel internal core to stop a vehicle in its tracks, or refer to Sure-stop to stop a truck



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 * Innovator of the Year   * DOH&S Worksafe Award  *Foundations Made from 100% Recycled waste    * Patented technology 

Join the market leaders

We lead the market in sustainable bollards and foundations, supplying Australia's market leaders including Rio Tinto , Leighton, Downer, Doric, Fulton Hogan, Thiess, Pindan and Georgiou, and local authorities including City of Perth, City of Fremantle, City of Stirling, City of Melville, City of Wanneroo and Main Roads Department.




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