Aluminium designer caps come in a matt finish. To really brighten up your bollards we suggest having them polished and adding a small white reflective strip around insert.


Galvanised bollards

are suitable for industrial applications and can be powder coated almost any colour to improve appearance and durability. If you want a more aesthetic bollard you can use a designer cap.

A NEW alternative to powder coated bollards are plastic bollards. They look like powder coated bolalrds but are more sustainable (great for bollards that may be prone to being scuffed or scratched as plastic is the same colour and scratches do not show) They also provide a soft impact force reducing risk of injury or vehicle damage and come in many colours including stone look finish.

Stainless steel bollards

are generally satin finish (No.4. which is the most durable finish and doesn't mark as easily as a shiny finish does). See below for more information on this finish. Stainless steel can be made shiny by electroplating your bollards to an almost mirror finish. If you want a more aesthetic bollard you can use a designer cap




No 4: Finish

No 4 finish stainless steel is the easiest of the finishes to maintain, No 4 finish is used for work surfaces, handrails and where appearance is important.A 'No 4' surface is produced by cutting the surface with abrasive belts to remove a very small amount of metal without affecting its thickness.

For architects and designers, No 4 finish gives low gloss and best apparent flatness of panels.  For fabricators, the No 4 finish is directional, allowing easy matching of surfaces and refinishing of welds. For end users, the surface can be repaired to remove any service damage.


No. 2B Finish is a bright cold rolled finish, produced very similarly to the No. 2D finish.  The difference in the production lies in the  final light cold rolling pass of a No 2B Finish, that is is done using polished rolls. This light cold rolling creates a more reflective finish, similar to a cloudy mirror. Finished reflectivity varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer and coil-to-coil, with some coils having greater or lesser reflectivity. The No. 2B is a general purpose cold rolled finish and is commonly used for all but exceptionally difficult deep drawing applications. It is more easily polished to high luster than a No. 1 or No. 2D finish.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of a No 4 finish is usually lower than that of a mill finish on the same grade.Corrosion resistance may be reduced depending on the stainless steel grade used. By using grade 316 with a No 4 finish in aggressive environments, the corrosion resistance is negated and may be less than on 304 with a 2B or BA finish.

 Electropolishing the surface can also improve the corrosion resistance and brighten the surface. The peaks on the surface are smoothed, reducing the Ra value and increasing the reflectivity or gloss. The sulphide inclusions may also be removed or reduced.



No 4 finish can usually be kept clean by wiping down with a damp soft clean cloth. For grease, moisten the soft cloth with ammonia solution, or with one of the household liquid grease removers. Very hot water is also quite effective.



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