How Smart Taper-lock works

"So simple, it's almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before."
The Sunday Times. 

Awarded Innovator of the Year: The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein





What makes it so Smart?

The Smart Ground socket is made from a “Smart  plastic” that is impact resistant and self-healing, protecting surrounding concrete foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development. Dirt and grit do not adversely affect the locking action (unlike metal devices, items cannot become loose or become stuck in the ground socket) and the unit will not rust or corrode (actually proptecting your post from rusting & corroding). Lifetime Guarantee.


 Smart Taper-lock is designed and manufactured in Australia. Has an International Patent pending and is Trademarked   trademark-symbol

Frequently Asked Questions

 “Efficiency in infrastructure investment must form a central focus for Australia’s governments, as they seek to close the infrastructure gap. After all, each dollar saved by eliminating cost overruns and inefficiencies can be invested in new, productive infrastructure.” Options for Reform Report


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