Main Roads WA has recently updated their specifications (Signage Spec 601) to include the use of CHS in both Metro and cyclonic regions. There are numerous advantages to using CHS posts secured on sustainable foundations. Details below.

Why CHS are substantially safer







Why CHS are substantially more cost effective than RHS




Reduce the cost of installing infrastructure

Instead of taking weeks to dig up newly laid foundations to install infrastructure on new works, the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day.

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Reduce the cost of maintaining infrastructure

Instead of digging up and replacing foundations over and over again, foundations stay in tact and items are replaced in seconds

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Improve safety and effectiveness

Reduce risks and substantially improve the ability to maintain infrastructure within limited budgets and time constraints. 

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Sustainable foundations provide a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged sign post by re-using the existing footing. Our selection is not based on price alone, also the safety & saving aspects. The Smart Taper allows the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base and reduces risk to employees by reducing time spent exposed to traffic!” MRWA

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