Small Diameter Bollards


Secure bollards using Smart sustainable foundations
putting an end to damage and waste.  Bollards are installed in literally seconds, remaining secure year after year and are only removable using tools. Works every time - guaranteed!



Install bollards in seconds

Save time installing bollards as ground sockets can be installed when pouring foundations and bollards are simply dropped into the ground socket and lock in automatically using a self-locking Taper. 

Foundations remain in tact and bollard remains secure year after year.


Replace bollards in seconds

Bollards can only be removed using tools provided. Tool is used to lever post from ground socket. Works every time- even if bollard is flattened or sheared off.

Saving time and money maintaining bollards as they are removed, replaced or even relocated in seconds for events, maintenance or upgrades.



Improve safety and effectiveness

Reduce risks and substantially improve the ability to maintain bollards within limited budgets and time constraints. Bollards remain secure & are only removable using tools

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Reduce the cost of 
installing bollards

Instead of taking weeks to dig up newly laid foundations to install bollards on new works, the bollards for an entire development can be installed in a single day.

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Reduce cost of 
maintaining bollards 

No bollard will last 100 years. Instead of paying hundreds to replace the foundations every time.
The only on-going cost for generations is labour!

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