Substantially reduce cost of maintaining infrastructure

Instead of throwing more and more money at the problem..

Traditional methods provide no future benefit. Replacing 1 sign-post per week costs only $150 but that equates to a massive $1 million wasted over the life of a development! By making foundations re-usable you put an end to capital and resource intensive maintenance practices for the life of a development. 


            • Items are replaced in seconds
            • No digging or heavy labour
            • No disturbance to traffic or public
            • Preserve the integrity of foundations
            • Improve the lifespan of your development


      Minimise whole of life costs

      Smart Roads, streetscapes and footpaths remain in pristine condition. If items require removal, replacement, relocation or upgrading it is performed in a fraction of the time and the only cost is labour, eradicating the myriad of problems that result in cost overruns. 

      No on-going costs

      If item is impacted foundations remain undisturbed. Posts bend at ground level and are levered out as usual

      No heavy labour

      Items are removed, replaced and even relocated quickly requiring no digging or heavy labour eradicating the risk of cost overruns

      Eliminate risks

      Overcoming almost all common problems associated with installing & maintaining infrastructure so every job is on time and on budget.


      Our selection is not based on price alone, we also considered the safety and saving aspects. The Smart foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base, (providing a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged item by reusing the existing footing) and reduces risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent on traffic islands exposed to traffic.




      "Efficiency in infrastructure investment must form a central focus for Australia's governments, as they seek to close the infrastructure gap. After all, each dollar saved by eliminating cost overruns and inefficiencies can be invested in new, productive infrastructure". Options for Reform Report


      Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia.  International Patent pending and Trademarked trademark-symbol



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