No damage when items are impacted


Zero damage to foundations

When items are impacted there is no damage to the surrounding foundations for the life of a development (ground socket is made from self-healing plastic and as the Taper is self-locking, requiring no breakable locking components, it willl continue working effectively for the entire lifespan of a development). Lifetime Warranty *




Post bends at ground level

When items are impacted the post bends at ground level. The ground socket remains undisturbed and the item can be simply leveered from the ground socket using the removal tool or foot removal tool.


Severe impacts

When items are impacted at high speed the post bends at ground level (no damage to foundations) and items can be removed and replaced in literally seconds. There is no instance where a post can not be removed from the ground socket.


Sheared off or flattened posts

When posts are flattened or sheared off at ground level - no problem, we have tools to enable simple removal.


Large diameter bollards become re-usable

100- 200 mm diameter bollards are secured on sustainable foundations using the Impact Recovery System that enables the bollard to absorb low sped impact and self-recover. If badly impacted the internal securing post will bend at ground level and need replacing. The foundations remain undisturbed and the bollard is easily removed and re-used imact after impact.



Lifetime warranty

We provide a Lifetime warranty on the Smart Removal tools and Smart ground socket (NB: warranty is void if ground socket is not installed according to instructions).





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