• 1 x 50 N.B./ 60 O.D. CHS post
  • Powder coated Safety yellow
  • For other colours please call


Secure using Smart sustainable Foundations from $25.00


      • Priced per metre
      • Galvanised steel
      • Anodised
      • Powder Coated
      • Eye Bolts
      • Stainless steel
      • Sustainable foundations
      • Removable


      Can be secured using Sustainable foundations. (LIfetime warranty)

      Posts simply drop into ground socket automatically locking in tight and cna only be removed using tools provided.


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      It's like lifetime insurance

      Instead of taking weeks to dig up newly laid foundations to install infrastructure on new works, the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day.

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      Start saving day 1 and continue saving for decades

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