"No more bla, bla"

A Paris court has convicted the French state of failing to address the climate crisis and not keeping its promises to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. In what has been hailed as a historic ruling, the court found the state guilty of “non-respect of its engagements” aimed at combating global warming.

Billed the “affair of the century”, the legal case was brought by four French environmental groups after a petition signed by 2.3 million people.

“This is an historic win for climate justice. The decision should inspire people all over the world to hold their governments accountable for climate change in their courts,” said Jean-François Julliard, the executive director of Greenpeace France, one of the plaintiffs.

He said the judgment would be used to push the French state to act against the climate emergency. “No more blah blah,” he added.

Main Roads WA state in their annual report "We embed sustainability into everything we do".  It's time to call them out ! “No more blah, blah,”  Louis Bettini,  Peter Woronzow, and Doug Morgan. We have the technology- it's time for action and inaction will cost both present and future generations dearly.

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