Impact Recovery Bollards


We are the Ultimate Carpark Bollard - unlike any other bollard, we provide protection and are truly impact resistant, saving thousands over the life of a development 




We're more than just good looks We won't dent and rust like inferior bollards so we stay looking good, and we protect the surrounding foundations from damage for the life of a development

We protect you. Unlike other "flexible" bollards we have a strong resistance core that prevents the bollard from deflecting beyond 20 degrees, protecting people and assets

You can't push us around (can't be deflected by hand), but when impacted by a vehicle we roll with the punches and like the true heroes we are, we slowly, elegantly self-recover, without any fuss!

We can even take on the big boys and recover without fuss. When a truck or utility vehicle hits us instead of hours of disturbance, all that rubble and money spent on new bollards and footings, you simply replace the resistance core (less than 5 minutes) and we're back on the job. No fuss!


Bollards remain rigid and appear to be solid in-ground bollards but when impacted by a vehicle they absorb the impact force reducing damage to vehicles (and a strong resistance core prevents deflection beyond 20 degrees to protect people and assets). We slowly, safely self-recover, with no diminished capacity following hundreds of impacts.


When a bollard is severely impacted instead of the entire footing being dislodged, the inner resistance core bends allowing the bollard to bend, but not be dislodged- preventing any further forward movement of the vehicle and enabling fast reinstatement of the bollard, instead of the usual expensive and time consuming clean up job 






The heavy-duty resistance core prevents vehicle entry (prevents bollard from deflecting beyond 20 degrees) providing protection for assets and people and cafe strips


Bollards remain rigid (cannot be deflected by hand), remaining perfectly aligned, safe and secure year after year and ZERO WASTE foundations remain intact for 100 years


A bollard is unlikely to last 100 years without being impacted. Our Impact Recovery System is a small investment for a lifetime of savings. If replaced just once a year a bollard costs around half a million over the life of a development.




You can choose from Steel, Impact Resistant Stainless steel, or durable Advanced Polymer bollards in almost any colour in-ground or surface mount, (or use our Impact Recovery System to secure your own bollards)

Designed to last: We design and manufacture our bollards in Australia to withstand impact and Australian environmental conditions - reusable impact after impact





STEP 1. First choose the bollard design

STEP 2. Choose how you wish to install it (in-ground or surface mount )

STEP 3. Match the Impact Recovery Rings to your bollard 

Because the Impact Recovery System is taking the impact force in most situations a surface mount or 350 mm depth foundation is sufficient but if trucks and large vehicles will be impacting your bollard regularly it might be safer to use a 650 mm depth foundation.