Impact Recovery System 650 mm

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Impact Recovery Bollards


650 mm Depth In-ground unit    

Unlike rigid in-ground bollards, 350 mm depth foundations are suitable for most locations even brick-paving. If bollard may be subject to severe impact (such as trucks) we suggest using 650 Depth footing

  • 2 x Impact Recovery Rings
  • 1 x Resistance Core
  • 2 x Ground sockets (Joined to make 1 650 Depth socket)
  • Self-locking Taper
  • Cap
  • Securing Stud

arrow Tools required

Bollard purchased separately- choose from Heavy Duty Steel, Stainless steel or Advanced Polymer bollard (or secure your own bollard).


Only replaceable component

All other components are re-usable impact after impact, year after year. We recommend buying an additional resistance core so that you can quickly replace your bollard is badly damaged.